What I Loved/Liked From Betsey Johnson's Fall 2011 R-T-W Collection

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My Collage

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1.LOOOVE THE TIGHTS!!! I love the models face. :D I kind of like the romper. I like the loose sleeves, and like that it's a different fabric, and like the beads or sequence? on the middle part of the romper.

2. I kind of like the dress. I love the lacey parts, and the ruffles or frills. And I like the feathered collar. :D
3. Loove the tights.
4. I like the disstressed look of them denim and the color of the jumpsuit, I also like the sheer zebra print top.

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6. LOOVE THE DRESS!! SO CUTE!! I love the darkish grungy denim look. This is my fav piece in the collection !
7. Looove the top! I kind of like the pants.

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8. I LOOOVE THE VELVET ROMPER!! SOOO DARN CUUTE!! I love the bottom of it, a bit puffy, and I love red flowers on the neckline.
9. Like the floral dress.
10.I like the yellow plaid skirt, and love the knitted cardi? I like the puffiness of it, and how it comes fitted on the arms.

Left to Right
11.Love the top.
12. I looove the bodysuit, I think it's fun. :D
13. I like the floral dress, I think it's cute, and I love the colors together of the purple/lavender with the orangey color. I also, like that the dress is styled with the fur. :)

 Left to Right

14. LOOVE THE SKIRT! love the puffiness to it. :D
15. Loove the fur jacket, my fav part is the inside lining of the fur coat, BETSEY JOHNSON!! :D
I also love the dress, like the studs on it and the zipper in the middle.
16. Love the jacket! Love the studs on the sleeves, and I like the pants. :)
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17. LOOOVE THE SHIRT! :D I love how its styled with the other Betsey Johnson pieces :D
18. Looove the wrap around flowey skirt. :D  I'd wear that to the beach with my swim wear :D lol
19. I kind of like the romper, I just don't like the colors of it.

Left to Right

20. I only like the pink puffiness of the skirt, so cute, and FUUUN! :D
21. I don't like this, it's too much for me, BUUUUT...I thought, it would be cool if there was leggings of that. I think it will look cool. :D


Left to Right
1.Love the tights
3. I like the dress, I think its cute. Love the bottom of the dress.
4. I love the top.

Left to Right
5.I like the jacket. Like the puffiness of the shoulders, and I like the buttons, it kind of gives a military look. :D
6.LOOOVE THE KNITTED TOP!! I would TOTALLY GET THAT! :D ♥♥! I like this girls face, I think she's cute. 
7.Like the denim jeans. I love the loose-ish fit around the ankles ♥
8. Like the leggings, and LOOOVE THE SHOES!!!
Left to Right
9. Loove the knitted sweater! :D
10. I sort of like the pants, I like the looseness around the calf's, I just think the print is too much. 
11. I like the print of the dress, and LOOOOVE THE SHOES!!
Left to Right
12. I LOOOVE THIS!! It's my fav OUTFIT!! :D I loove the knitted cardi, I would buy that, I love the thunder bolts with the black and white I also like that it's paired with the dress. :D 
13.Like the cardi.
14. I like the jacket, but I don't know, it looks a bit feminine for guys. *What do you guys think?*
15. I kind of like the pants, I like the prints, its fun, but at the same time, it kind of looks like..pj's? O.o

 Left to Right
16. Like the dress, LOOVE THE PURSE!! so cute, I also love the yellow one. :D
17. Like the long tank, love the illustration
 Left to Right
18.LOOOOVE THE KNITTED SWEATER!!! I would buy this too! :D
19. Like the dress,I love the girls expression, and LOOVE HER TWIGGY TATT!
20. Like this dress.

 Left to Right
21. Like the printed skirt. ♥
22. Like the dress, its cute, I love the colors. Reminds me of spring and summer ♥
24. Like the tank dress, I just noticed, the boot has little ruffles at the back side, so cute. :)
Left to Right
26. I like the top, looks comfy, I also like the ruffled undergarment. Oh, and I want a giant flower! LOL :D
I looove Betsey Johnson's SNEAKS!!!

The rest of part two

Overall, I liked the first part of the collection, 
I loved more pieces from the 2nd part of the show(Pink Patch), it was fun, and colorful, while the 1st part, was dark, and a it punky, not that I don't like punky style, I like it. I guess I was just expecting to see more color. But I did enjoy the whole show :D

For Pink Patch, is a new line for the average american girl today, for all sizes, and shapes, annnd the prices are under a $100 and some of  the other clothes are as low as $30!! :D HOW AWESOME!! :D
OH! and for the first collection, I LOOOOVE THE LACE STRIP ON THE BACK OF THE MODEL'S HAIRS!!  LOOVE THE IDEA OF THAT! And I also loved the music and the make up.
For the Pink patch show, I just enjoyed watching it and I didn't stop smiling. It was nice to see the girls and even the guy at the end, to just EXPRESS THEM SELVES!! WAS FUN TO WATCH! :D
I love when Betsey was dancing at the end, I LOOOVE THE WAY SHE MOVES, SO SMOOTH!!
God, I LOOVE HER ENERGY, she is just soo CUTE!!! :D

***What did you guys think of the collection?***

**Which collection was your fav?**

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