What I Loved/Liked From Antonio Marras Spring 2011 R-T-W Collection

2:30 AM

My Collage

Left to Right
1. Loove the bathing suit! Love the colors and the design with the prints of it. :)
2. Love the bathing suit, I mainly love the top part.
3. Like the bathing suit, I like the colors and the florals on it.  It's a bit artsy for me. :)

Left to Right
5. I love the lacey top, and the looseness of it. ♥
6. I love the sheerness of the sleeves of the blazer, and love the pants.
7. Love the top. It's cute. ♥
8. Like the bathing suit, love the black and white design prints. :D

9. Like the bathing suit, like the print design.

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