What I Loved/Liked From Jason Wu's Fall 2011 R-T-W Collection

2:41 AM

My Collage

Left to right
1. Loove the suit! Love the printed black and white blouse, and loove the pants! Wish I can see the jacket.
The model is so cute and pretty. :)

2. LOOOOOVE THE TOP!!! Love the lace on the side of the sleeves. Looks so comfy to wear. :D ♥♥
3. LOOVE THE BLOUSE!! I like the skirt,but don't really like the lace at the sides of the skirt. Love the clutch. :D
4. Love the outfit! Love the knitted blouse, loove the pants.

Left to Right
5. Loove the blouse, love the pants. ♥
6. LOOOVE THIS DRESS!!! Love the soft delicate feel to it. It kind of reminds me of a old fashion country girl dress. ♥
7. Love the blouse, love the color of it, and I looove the leather skirt. :D He made it look ladylike. :D lol
8. LOOOOVE THE BLAZER!! I love the black lines on the collar. :D ♥

Left to Right
9. LOOVE THE SHEER LACE BLOUSE!!!!!!  Sooo niice.♥♥♥♥!!
10. Love the blue/purplish color, love the blazer, and the top. I love the lace on the blazer, and loove the sheerness of the top with the lace prints on it. ♥♥♥♥!!
11. I LOOVE THE RED JACKET!! IT IS SOO CUTE!  Love the top, with the black lace prints o it. I LOOVE THE IDEA OF IT!! :D Oh and the bag seems cute. :) ♥♥♥♥
12. Love the jacket, love the color of it, LOOVE the top, with the prints on it and the sheerness of the blouse. :D

Left to Right
13. Loove this dress, love the lacey sheer top ♥♥♥ I also love the tights
14. Love the blue/purple-ish color of the skirt, love the lacey top.
15. I kind of like this. I love the fringes, it looks like a coat dress? I don't know. But I like the idea of it. :)
16. LOOOVE THIS!!!! Love the lace of course, and loove the feathers?  Just a fun dress to wear! :D
Left to Right
17. Love the dress. Love the bottom of it, and the top.
18. LOOVE THIS DRESS!!! Just fun, love the color too. :)♥♥♥
19. Love the blouse. ♥
20. LOOOVE THE SEQUENCED JACKET!!! I think it's soo pretty and love that its sheer. I also love the top, and the prints on it. ♥
21. Looove the loong skirt, so beautiful. Love how it hugs the hips and then  flares out a bit. Love the color too.
22. Like the top, like the shininess on the top, and like the skirt.
23. Like the dress, love the lace at the top, love the belt . KARLIE KLOSS!!! She looks like a glam super hero woman, DOESN'T SHE?! LOL I love her <3333

I have to say by far, JASON WU'S COLLECTION WAS MY FAV!
I loved majority of the clothes, and just loved the clean, polished, feminine look.
I loved it

What did you guys think of his collection?

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