What I Loved/Liked From J.Crew Spring 2011 R-T-W Collection

5:55 AM

My Collage

 Left to Right
1.Looove the cardi! It looks so nice, warm and comfy! :D
2. I love the blouse, love the looseness of it.
3. I LOOOVE THIS DRESS! So very cute! Love the color, the pleats on the neckline, and waistline. Just                       love the cute innocent feel of this dress. :)
4. I love the jacket. Love the color, and how its constructed. :) 
 Left to Right
5. Love the pants and the suspenders. It reminds me of Huckleberry Finn. :)
6. Loove the skirt, the bag, the shoes and I sort of like the top.
7. I like the dress. I like the pleats on the asymmetric shoulder. I'd belt this dress, if I wore. :)
8. LOOOVE THIS LOOK! SOO CUUTE! I love the print on the skirt, and love the sandals. :D
Left to Right
10. Love the vest, I love the wrinkle effect to it.
11. I love the leggings. It's cute and looks comfy. 

 Left to Right
13. Love the top, & bag. The sandals look cute.
14. I kind of like the jacket. The one thing that I don't like of it, is it looks big the sleeve area.
15. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE THIS LOOK!! LOVE EVERYTHING!  The bag is cute and so are the                                              shoes. I LOOVE THOSE SHORTS!!!! Love the colors of the outfit. And the model is soo cute!
16. Love the blouse. Love the socks paired with the shoes.
Left to Right
17. Looove this! I think it's fun, and colorful! Love the bag too.
18. LOOVE THIS OUTFIT! SO CUTE! I love the color of the blouse, & love the floral skirt. ♥
19. Loove the blue sweater. The shoes look nice.
20.LOOOVE THE BLAZER!!! Love the color of it, and the fabric looks so nice. :)
Left to Right
21. Like the top.
22. Love the blouse. And WOW AT THE SEQUENCED LONG SKIRT! O.o Kind of weird, but hmmm interesting for me. Not sure if I like or dislike it. I would love to see this in person.
 What do you guys think of the sequenced skirt?

Overall I absolutely LOOOVED THE COLLECTION! 
I looved the colors of the clothes, the pieces were simple and fun, and I think it's easy to mix and match with, and I LOOOVED THE MODELS HAIRS!!! So cute and a bit messy. :D
God I looove J.CREW!!! 
It never disappoints for me! 

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